Demonstration Diary



11th January - Heart of England Woodturners


31st January - Herefordshire Woodturners


5th February - West Oxon Woodturners 


6th February - West Northants Woodturners 


9th February - Combe Abbey Woodturners 


13th March - Chase Turners


5th April - Mid Staffs Woodturners


8th May - Gloucestershire Association of Woodturners 


10th & 11th May - Woodworks at Daventry 


10th June - Stafford and District Woodturners 


20th June - Black Country Woodturners 


24th June - Wigan Woodcraft


10th July - Trent Valley Woodturners


17th July - Derwent Valley Woodturners 


2nd August - High Peak Woodturners 


21st August - Shropshire Association of Woodturners 


12th September - Tudor Rose Woodturners 


9th October - North Wiltshire Woodturners Association



10th January - Heart of England Woodturners


4th February - West Oxon Woodturners


19th February - Derwent Woodturners


15th March - West Midlands Woodturners (All Day Demo)


19th March - Ise and Nene Valley Woodturners


6th April-    Stafford and District Woodturning Club

16th April - Cheshire Guild of Woodturners 

21st April - North Warwickshire and Hinckley Woodturners

15th & 16th May - Woodworks at Daventry​


15th June - Worcestershire Woodturners


9th July - Tudor Rose Woodturners 

20th July- Wigan Woodcraft​​

15th August - Sandon Woodturners (All Day Demo)

9th September- North Wiltshire Woodturners

17th September - Black Country Woodturners


23rd September- Shropshire Association of Woodturners

2nd October - Mid Staffs Woodturners


















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